Before travelling abroad it is important that you check whether or not you need to have any extra immunisations or to take any precautions against malaria or other nasty holiday bugs.

Information can be gleaned from Internet sites such as Doctor Back Home or MASTA.

If you are visiting several different countries on your travels be aware that you may need several different vaccinations.

Our practice nurse deals with all holiday immunisations and will discuss your travel arrangements with you. Some of the immunisations are available free on the NHS; others must be paid for as they count as private treatment.

What do you need to do to organise your holiday vaccinations?

Firstly get organised, as many of the vaccines don’t become effective for a month after being administered don’t leave it until just before you are going, we’d recommend completing and sending us your forms 3 months prior to your departure.

Ask at reception for a travel pack or alternatively download the attached travel pack which you will need to bring with you together with your payment when you make an appointment to see the nurse, we will need both the completed travel pack and your payment before we can make an appointment for you. You will need to complete a form for each person travelling.

Once you have returned the completed form we will create an appointment with one of our nurses - and remember each person travelling needs their own appointment!

If your holiday is to be spent in the Europe Union you can also visit NHS direct by clicking on the following link:






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