The next generation!

For some time now we have been involved in the training of medical students from the Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth. The Peninsula Medical School is one of the most highly regarded in the country and we are very pleased to have their medical students with us.

Students from the fifth (final) year spend time with our GPs and other Practice staff in order to gain valuable experience that they may not otherwise get in hospital.  

You may be asked if you would mind being seen by a medical student, or having a medical student present in the room with the Doctor or Nurse that you are seeing.  Whilst it is very helpful for the student if you are happy to see them, we of course recognise and respect that not everyone will be comfortable with being seen by a student.  At any stage you may refuse to be seen by a student without having to give a reason and without your care being affected in any way.   

When you contact us for an appointment you may be given an appointment with a medical student, if you are happy to see them.  The student will talk to you about your medical problem and may examine you, after which a Doctor will come into the room with you and the student.  The Doctor will ask the student to summarise your medical problem and their thoughts, after which the Doctor will ask you questions, examine you and discuss your problem with you as they would normally.  

As medical students are new to medicine, and in order to allow time for us to teach them and test them as well as providing you with the time which you require with a Doctor, appointments with medical students will in general be longer than our usual 10 minute appointments, normally lasting for half an hour in total.






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