Following the outbreak of Corona Virus and the Prime Ministers announcement on 12th March we are taking steps in line with the national guidance shared by NHS England and Public Health authorities to minimise risks associated with the virus to patients and staff.

What does this mean to you ?

We are moving to manage patient care remotely using a combination of telephone and on line access via eConsult to minimise the risk of infection to patients and staff.

From Tuesday 17th March all doctor appointments will be initially either through eConsult or telephone. This enables you to receive advice and care without attending the practice in person . If the GP needs to physically see you, they will ask you to present to the surgery. In such cases, risks for both the patient and staff will have been assessed.

To access the eConsult service please log on to our website where you will see a blue screen entitled Contact your doctors online, there are 4 option boxes, please click on the appropriate box and select the condition that you are enquiring about.

In doing this we reduce the footfall through the surgery thereby minimising the risk of any transmission of the virus. It will also enable us to spend a little more time with those patients who are most in need.

We ask you to support us at this time by using our web based service, eConsult where possible. eConsult allows patients to self-check their symptoms and if appropriate your consultation will be sent to a G.P.

If we have asked you to make an appointment for a follow up appointment to one previously this will remain, however it may be that this is changed to a telephone call in which case one of the reception team will contact to let you know of the change.

What do I do if I don’t have a modern phone or a computer ?

If you don’t have a modern mobile phone or a tablet or computer you can still ring through for an appointment, our receptionists will then ask you a series of questions from the e Consult page, once they have done this they will send it to the Doctor to assess. Once the doctor has assessed the information one of our staff will contact you and let you know if the doctor wants to see you or if your condition can be dealt with in another way. It will take the receptionist a little while to complete so please be patient, also whilst they are undertaking this they won’t be able to answer as many calls so you may find yourself waiting to be answered for a lot longer than normal.


For repeat prescriptions we are requesting that you use either the Patient Access app on your phone or if you have not already got this down load the NHS App via the App Store. To reduce footfall into the building we will send your prescription electronically to your nominated pharmacy, if you haven’t nominated a pharmacy then we will send it to the pharmacy adjacent to the surgery.

We appreciate that these measures could be alarming to patients. To that end we would like to assure patients that we are doing all we can to ensure we can provide a service for patients whilst concentrating our efforts on those who need urgent care, during a time of increased demand on our practice and a higher risk of infection.

Kind regards

The Doctors at Southover Medical Practice






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