As you will have seen in our latest news item above Southover Medical Practice is working with all the surgeries in Torbay to roll out our Covid – 19 vaccination programme at the English Riviera Centre (ERC). This will be for all Torbay residents and staffed by all surgeries, but we also need volunteers to help with many roles at the site. These roles range from traffic and patient direction in and around the ERC as well as helping patients to maintain social distancing.

This is a mammoth task and will take months to complete, but we are determined to try and protect not only the vulnerable living in our area, but also use this opportunity to try and help all of the residents of Torbay to try and get back to normal life again as soon as possible. Working together, we think we can do this, but not without your help….

The NHS has asked St John Ambulance to coordinate the training and deployment of volunteers who can help to ensure the smooth running of our covid vaccination programme. We are looking for people who can give up a day or more of their time between January and April 2021. PPE where required would be provided.

By helping us you will be supporting the biggest NHS vaccination drive in its history!

If you are interested in supporting us and your fellow Torbay residents in a volunteer capacity please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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