***Torbay COVID-19 Vaccination Update 11/02/2021**

Thank you very much for your patience and allowing us the time to complete all our calls to patients in cohorts 1-4. We know it’s confusing when the BBC and MPs announce to contact your surgery and we ask you to wait, but we needed to do this due to the large number of patients locally in these cohorts. Vaccination Centres across the Country are at slightly different stages, with some areas having already called all their patients in cohorts 1-4, whereas only a few days ago we still had hundreds of patients we needed to contact in those cohorts. If even half of these called the surgery on the same day this would stop those patients requiring medical assistance getting through and being given the help they need. With your cooperation we avoided that situation and have been able to complete all our calls alongside providing our usual high level of care to our patients.

We have now attempted to contact all our patients in cohort 1-4 to offer them a vaccination appointment. If you are in these cohorts and we haven’t been able to reach you, or if you’ve previously declined and have now changed your mind and would like a vaccination, please call the practice after 11am and we can arrange this for you over the next week. This only applies to those patients in cohorts 1-4 which is those patients aged 70+ or those who are clinically extremely vulnerable and have a shielding letter.

We have now completed over 80% of our housebound visits, with the majority of those left due to the patients not currently being at their home address when called and we will continue to mop these up over the coming weeks.

We have now started inviting those patients in cohort 5 for their vaccine, which is patients aged 65+. Again, please do not contact us for an appointment, we will contact you as quickly as we can. At the moment external services such as 119 cannot book directly into our clinics at The Riviera Centre in Torquay, but we are working as hard as we can to get through the lists quickly, sometimes in only a matter of days. Alternatively you can contact 119 who will book you in to one of the mass vaccination centres at Plymouth, Exmouth or Exeter but please be aware wherever you attend your 1st vaccination is where you will need to attend for your 2nd vaccination.

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